44 Reasons to Buy a Hiscox Case

Can withstand ½ tonne crush weight!


Never worry about someone putting their foot through your case ever again


Perfect for backstage and busy environments


Tough ABS plastic outer shell (same material as Lego)



Colourfast: Won’t fade so always looks as good as new


Easy care: Wipes clean with a damp cloth


Lightweight material


Our ‘no waist’ design gives you a flat shelf to sit on when the case is on its side.


Sophisticated look and feel


In between the outer shell and the lining is our unique blend of polyurethane designed to create the ultimate in shock absorbance.


Millions of bubbles create an air cushion around your instrument helping to protect from external shocks


Strong enough to withstand 6 kegs of beer!


The inner shaped moulding bonds to the outer shell and lining to create one solid, rigid structure that keeps your instrument from flexing


Thermo-Balance Engineering reduces rapid heating or cooling of your instrument


Helps keep your instrument in tune straight out of the case


Beautiful crush velour


The case structure is carefully designed to protect the weak points of your instrument


Stops damaging vibrations


Shaped cushion neck rest and extra neck lid padding


Neckrest design reduces possibility of headstock whiplash damage (stringed instrument specific)


All angles of electric guitar neck catered for

Customisable pads for the ultimate fit
Only Lightweight materials used in construction to keep a comfortable carrying weight
The perfect balance of protection and lightweight design
Handle designed to fit any size hand

Positioned to balance the case whilst carrying for additional comfort


Angles the guitar case when carrying to make it easy to go up and down stairs


Can withstand over 100Kg pull-weight so you can put the heaviest of instruments in your case!


Lightweight aluminium band locks the case into one super-rigid shape, so strong you can sit on it


The aluminium band is double lipped to make the case water resistant


All our fixings are rust resistant


Our latches are uniquely designed to be smooth when closed so they won’t get caught on clothes or fabrics (or car seats!)


One latch is lockable for that added ‘on-the-road’ security


Fabric braid retainer stops the lid from falling open and saves valuable stage space

Five year guarantee on handles, latches, locks and hinges
The case stays balanced when you remove the instrument and doesn’t fall back

Recess for strap pin so no pressure on this weak point when the case is stood upright


Perfectly sized bit box for all your accessories

Relief in the lid takes the pressure off switches and knobs

Feet placed on the side of the case, so it’s rock steady when you put it down


Most 2021 cases have either 2 or 4 D-rings should you want to attach a Hiscox Backpack or shoulder strap to them

Our Custom Fitted Cases service will ensure that you precious instrument has an absolute perfect fit, giving you added peace of mind
All our straps (case and Hiscox Backpack) carry a 5 year guarantee