Bass Guitar

Preserve your bass guitar’s deep, resonant sound with a case chosen by many of the world’s best guitar makers to protect their creations. From Precision / Jazz-style basses to larger Bass guitars, we have cases that offer unrivalled protection in a sleek, lightweight format…
Incredible crush strength
Unique shock absorbing Technology
Class leading Thermal Insulation

Shaped Case For Bass Guitar

Due to the interior moulding design, this case will take many different Bass types similar in size to the iconic Precision / Jazz styles. The ability to withstand an incredible ½ tonne of crush weight combined with unique shock-absorbing technology and exceptional temperature control makes Hiscox cases stand out from the crowd.

Peardrop Case For The Larger Bass

Designed for those larger than average instruments that do not fit into our shaped case. Available in our PRO II spec, it offers outstanding ‘Triple Shield’ protection for your bass, wherever it takes you…