Shaped Violin Hard Case

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 Handmade in the UK

Please be aware – due to the ongoing issues with raw material supplies, coupled with an increased worldwide demand for our products, all our cases are now being made to order.  This means there could be a delay of up to 5 weeks before we can send your case out. 

We hope this doesn’t put you off purchasing a case, it’s worth waiting for.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Designed to follow the contours of old masters and modern violins, our shaped violin hard case offers steel-like protection in a crushed velour glove. A luxurious lining over padding with exceptional shock-absorbance properties cocoons your precious cargo, while also serving to regulate temperature to help keep your violin in tune. Tough yet lightweight outer casing offers outstanding crush strength to keep your violin safe at home, in the car, on the tube or on the flight.

  • Triple shield technology
  • Withstands huge crush weight
  • Unique shock-absorbing technology
  • Insulation helps prevent rapid temperature changes
  • Original lightweight LITEFLITE design
  • D-rings to attach Hiscox shoulder strap
  • Secure and tight closing action, five year guarantee on all fixings
  • Finishing touches which make all the difference

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Our Cases Protect your Instrument

Every Hiscox case has our Original LITEFLITE construction utilising Triple Shield Technology. This gives your instrument the exceptional lightweight protection relied on by over 600,000 musicians world-wide.

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Money Back Guarantee
Hiscox Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll love our guitar case that, if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back. No quibble, no argument.

Length 375mm 14 3/4"
Empty Weight 2.31kg 5.09lbs
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Sizing Guide

The following videos offer advice on choosing the right case for your guitar. 

Acoustic Guitar Sizing

Electric Guitar - Neck Angles

Extra Pads

For a secure fit, extra pads can be added

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