Parker Fly Style Guitar Cases

The unique shape of the fully-moulded Parker Fly and Parker Fly Deluxe guitars demand unique protection – enter the Hiscox Parker Fly hard guitar case; tailored to envelop their unmistakeable outline in either our Standard Spec or Pro II Spec protection.
(Please note all other Fly and Nitefly models will fit in our Standard Fender case model).

  • Tailor made to fit Parker Fly style guitars
  • Triple Shield Technology
  • Withstands ½ tonne crush weight
  • Unique shock-absorbing technology
  • Insulation keeps instrument in tune for longer
  • Anti-Whiplash Guard reduces headstock breaks
  • Lightweight ‘Liteflite’ design
  • 4 D-rings to attach Hiscox BackPack or shoulder strap 
  • Secure and tight closing action, five year guarantee on all fixings
  • Finishing touches which make all the difference

This case is available in two specifications:
The differences explained

STD, PRO II or ARTIST, The Differences Explained

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