PRS Style Single Cutaway Style Guitar Cases

Cocoon your US-made PRS Style Single Cutaway Guitar in our Triple Shield Technology – epic crush strength, unique shock-absorbing technology and exceptional temperature control, with a luxe velvet lining to protect the tool of your trade. Available in our Standard spec or PRO II Spec…

  • Tailor made to fit PRS single cutaway guitars
  • Triple Shield Technology
  • Withstands ½ tonne crush weight
  • Unique shock-absorbing technology
  • Insulation keeps instrument in tune for longer
  • Anti-Whiplash Guard reduces headstock breaks
  • Lightweight ‘Liteflite’ design
  • 4 D-rings to attach Hiscox BackPack or shoulder strap 
  • Secure and tight closing action, five year guarantee on all fixings
  • Finishing touches which make all the difference
This case is available in two specifications:
The differences explained

STD, PRO II or ARTIST, The Differences Explained

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