I’ll be extra thankful for that 5th latch from now on

I was heading to Louisville, Kentucky with two of our workers to show our guitars at a conference there. We were pulling an Airstream with 30,000 dollars’ worth of guitars in it. In Kansas City we went over a huge hump in the road, and the trailer bounced right off the hitch. Now before you start imagining that trailer crashing down a hill and exploding in a huge fireball, let me tell you that the trailer was basically fine. But the jack on the front of it got damaged and wouldn’t work, so we couldn’t get it back up onto the ball. We left the trailer on a side street in a not-so-great neighborhood and headed to Wal-Mart to find a floor jack. When we got back an hour later, we found that someone had jimmied the door of the trailer. All our guitars were in Hiscox cases, and this guy had unlatched every guitar case. Except, evidently he couldn’t find that darn 5th latch around the back. I don’t think he even knew if there were guitars in the cases, so all he stole was a palm router that we had brought along to help with pickup installs. Several times I myself have been confused by that 5th latch, but I’ll be extra thankful for it from now on.

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