Our guitars had fallen off the luggage truck and been run over...

"with a nod to your great cases, returning from an overseas tour recently, mine and my guitarist guitars came down the luggage carousel heavily damaged. Or rather, the cases were.

Long story but basically both guitars had fallen off the luggage truck and been ran over by said truck. My friends fared worse. The wheels had gone over the head stock area. The cases were really smashed. We could barely bring ourselves to look at his beloved Gibson.

Damage to case, extensive, damage to guitar, one slightly bent machine head.

Whaaaaaaaa! Bloody miracle. My own fender bass had been ran over at the other end, bottom of the body. The case had been squashed and two latches broken, but only a teeny dink in the paintwork showed evidence of the event.

So guys n gals. It was a bloody miracle.. so go you guys :) obvs I'm now a massive fan of your cases and shout your name to all who will listen.

All the best. John Bainbridge"

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